Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I would not call myself a world-traveler, but I do enjoy traveling and do so at any occasion I  get.  No matter what county I travel to, I start by printing my handy-dandy GF Restaurant Card ( – THESE ARE MY LIFESAVERS.  Throughout almost ten years of gluten-free traveling, I have learned that until recently, cruises were the best way to travel (especially for travel outside of the US).  With all the difficulties of finding GFF restaurants, walking up the ship and discussing your diet with a designated chef is soooooooo much easier.  Even with my tendency to get sea-sick, cruising was my way to GFF travel.  Maybe to some extent it still is, but with the rest of the world slowly catching up to the GF needs, I have been more inclined to leave the comfort of the ship and try “conventional” travel.  Check out my entries on this blog from my GF adventures.  I will also include any city or port that I have visited while cruising, especially if I came across a great GFF place.    

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